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Free Cash Flow Statement Template

Get the insights you need into how your business is performing, by completing our free cash flow statement template.

What is a Cash Flow Statement?

A cash flow statement is a crucial financial document that tracks the movement of cash - including funds from investments and liquid assets - into and out of your small business, categorized by source. This statement helps ensure your company has sufficient cash reserves to cover daily operational expenses and forecast future cash positions.


For small business owners, a cash flow statement - also known as a statement of cash flows - should be used in conjunction with your balance sheet and income statement to comprehensively evaluate your venture's financial health. These three key financial reports provide invaluable insights for managing and boosting profitability.


Cash flow statements are indispensable when seeking investment or a business loan, as they demonstrate your company's ability to generate profits and allocate funds judiciously. Lenders and investors closely scrutinize cash flow statements to assess the viability and growth potential of small businesses.

Cahs Flow Statement

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